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Hi, I’m Chloe Jane.

I work with people who are burdened with chronic symptoms and stuck from moving forward in life. I am passionate about providing the tools and care to those living with digestive dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and immune issues. Together, using nutritional therapy, we discover underlying causes, create a vision of long term health goals and a plan to get there. We look at inner motivations and establish strong foundations of health. My work is not to bandaid symptoms but to truly, deeply, and finally heal. 

From restrictive diets and GI infections to amenorrhea and hormonal imbalance, true healing has been a crucial component to my personal health journey. I work now to share my experiences and clinical knowledge to help others find the same true healing. My goal in this work is to facilitate clarity, positive growth, resilience, and health physically and emotionally. 

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How We Work Together

I’m here to help you find the right option and support you in your goals.

Private Consultations

We work together 1:1 to discuss your health concerns, long term goals, and develop a plan to get you closer to your goals.

Check out my services page to see more about pricing options and additional services.


Use the resource like recipes, special offers, and more to learn more in your health journey. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or recipe requests!


I provide 1- 1.5 hour in person workshops on all things gut health across the Central Coast. Businesses may bring this invaluable knowledge directly to clients – from chiropractor’s offices, yoga studios, health food stores & cafes, acupuncture, and more. Inquire in the contact form below for more information and scheduling.

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Book a Free Discovery Call

This 20 minute call will give you clarity and insight into the ways my approach can assist in you achieving your goals. It is a chance to get to know one another, ask questions that haven’t been answered, and determine the next course of action.

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”


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