Friends, this is important. Read below to gather helpful tips for your detox process.

Our bodies are subject to environmental toxins and pathogens daily. Ideally, we can process and eliminate wastes without causing any symptoms. However, when there is dysfunction in organs like the liver, pancreas, or adrenals, our natural detox systems are impaired. This is when problems often manifest.

When it comes to detoxifying optimally, it is best to start with your foundational health: diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids, mineral balance, and hydration. Work with a practitioner to ensure you are optimizing these six pillars. The danger of doing cleanses or adding supplementation that isn’t targeted to you is that those toxins may recirculate, re-enter the bloodstream, and continue to cause systemic problems.

Detox: Pathogens & Parasites

Some say “if you have a pulse, you have a parasite.” It is fairly common to have a parasite with or without symptoms. Those symptoms might manifest as abdominal distention, itchy bum, dark circles under the eyes, diarrhea and/or constipation, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression [especially around the full moon], teeth grinding, and many more. 

Parasites can be contracted from contaminated food and water, unwashed produce, swimming in freshwater rivers or lakes, pets, and international travel just to name a few.

It is possible parasites are a root cause of many chronic health issues we face today. The biofilm surrounding them can hold onto heavy metals, mold, and toxins and can steal nutrients from us. This toxin accumulation effect with parasites at the root is a driving factor of chronic diseases like Lyme, for example. Read more about parasitic infections here.

Could parasites be at the root of your symptoms? What is the best way to know whether this is relevant for you? Test, don’t just guess.

Detox: Objective Testing

The GI Map is a qPCR stool test that is quite sensitive to picking up bacterial overgrowths like H.pylori. It also shows digestive capacity through markers like pancreatic enzyme function and immune activity.

This test demonstrates what and in which specific ways we need to detoxify. Of course we want to prioritize elimination of pathogens like parasites and balance the flora in the microbiome, but almost more importantly, we must ensure elimination pathways are “open” before we eliminate. This means one is eliminating through sweat, urine, stool, breath, and blood daily. Are you constipated? Do you sweat every day? What is the color of urine like? These questions help point us in the direction of what specific supports you need.

A few resources I enjoy regularly to support my elimination include Queen of the Thrones castor oil liver pack, body roller, and dry brush. Adding these few tools to my nighttime routine is painless compared to dealing with constipation, poor sleep, liver congestion, edema, and more.

Resources for You

The body can naturally detoxify and heal. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, my goal is to support the body’s processes and let it do the healing work. 

This guide is a collection of the best ways I know to address elimination pathways in the body. Through urine, sweat, stool, breath, and blood we empty out all wastes that the body cannot use. It is SO critically to eliminate properly so toxins do not re-enter the blood stream, circulate and continue to cause problems. 

Download and print the free PDF here. Keep the checklist on your fridge or desk and check off your daily progress. Tag me on Instagram @chloejanewellness with your daily detox journey!

Use this resource to make incremental changes to your habits and move toward sustainable practices. Detoxification is an ongoing process in the body. How can you support it regularly? Do you need a little more information on the items on the list? For a deep dive into each step on this list as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas during the 7 day Detox Challenge, buy the full eBook here

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